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Accessories of Laminated Flooring

For all Victor Floors flooring there are accessories of the same Laminated flooring colors which help the floors look more beautiful and complete like Skirting, Door profile, Reducer, Beadings, Stair nose etc.
All the raw material used for the accessories are of the top quality and made from the finest resources. The accessories are laminated and are scratch free, & easy to install.
It’s most important that you use Genuine Floor Accessories of the Product for beauty & long lasting durability of the Floor. For the perfect look and Quality use only Victor Floors Genuine Accessories only.


Reducer is used to create a smooth transition between two floor surfaces of different height. It could protect the floor edge, as well as enhance visual effects. You can choose the colors you like to match your flooring.  

Size: 2400*45*15mm


Provides a connection between two colors of laminated flooring, or marbles and some other flooring of the same height.  

Size: 2400*45*15mm

Quarter Round

A molding made in a round piece for laminated flooring with a radius of 3/4”. Hides expansion strip at the edge of a room.  

Size: 2400*25*15mm


Skirting is used around the corners of room to cover the bottom edge of the wall and to cover the expansion space left between the finished laminate floor and the wall. It is often used in combination with quarter round.  

Size: 2800*100*15 mm

Stair Nose

Used to cover the outside corner of a step. Milled to meet laminated floor and the riser of the stairs.  

Size: 2400*55*18mm

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