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Procedures for laminate flooring care

Your daily schedule for cleaning laminate floors should consist of regular vacuuming with a soft brush on the end so you won't scratch the floor. Even though the laminate floor is designed to be scratch, fade, dent, stain and burn resistant – you should still take care. Sweeping and dust mopping can be done between vacuuming. There are several cleaning solutions available to clean laminate floors. The kits may contain a spray on cleaning solution, a mop and a terry cloth. The proper procedure is to spray the cleaning solution onto the mop first and mop the floor. If you do encounter a scratch or small dent there are kits that you can purchase that may contain wax pencils or crayons and some acrylic putty. This is a great way to do some minor repairing of your laminate flooring.  

Laminate flooring care. If you just replaced or going to replace your floor you should understand about cleaning laminate floors and some good do's and don'ts that come with having a laminate floor. You sure want to keep your floor looking great for as along as you can. The first thing is to read and follow the laminate flooring manufacturer's instructions on proper care of their product in order to keep the warranty valid. Right from installing the laminate flooring you should wait for up to 48 hours before you start to mop the floor so as not to get any moisture between the boards. Because of the construction and composition of the laminate flooring and with the outer layers made of extremely hard aluminum oxide, your laminate flooring system will be one of the easiest flooring types to maintain. and distinctiveness are the order of the day.

Maintenance notes:

1) Simply remove non-adherent dirt by sweeping, using a static cloth or with a suitable vacuum cleaner.
2) Wipe off footmarks and heavy dirt with a well-wrung cloth. Avoid standing water or other liquids under all circumstances. Always rub the floor dry, free of streaks.
3) In general you should not use grinding and abrasive agents, polishes (furniture polish), wax, bleaching agents or strong solvents. Also do without combined care products with additional use for parquet, cork, etc.
4) Remove stubborn dirt using residue-free cleaners (suitable for laminate floors), spray cleaners or acetone.
5) Only use office stools with soft castors. Always place felt gliders under movable furniture,otherwise warranty claims for wear expire.
NOTE:-Further maintenance tips are given in the catalogue.

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